ArxCis-NV: The Non-Volatile DIM

The ArxCis-NV™ is a DDR3 Non-Volatile DIMM, which delivers both
performance and reliability to enterprise applications. This non-volatile memory module has been designed to be integrated into industry standard x86 servers via DDR3 DIMM sockets Designed to preserve critical data in the event of a power or system failure ArxCis-NV™ enables the host system to recover from r a failure event with simplicity and ease. As the industry strives to accelerate business applications with new technologies, Viking Technology’s ArxCis-NV™ can be integrated into standard server and storage architecture as the Fastest Storage Tier ; far exceeding any SSD (SATA, SAS or PCIe) in terms of performance 12GBytes per second vs. 6Gbit SATA or SAS and more
than double the speed of the fastest PCIe card. In addition to the huge performance benefits, ArxCis-NV™ delivers this performance with practically infinite write endurance

Value Proposition

Solid State Disk (SSD) is one of the hottest IT topics. The promise to remove storage IO bottlenecks and to increase business application performance, enable server virtualization, data center growth, while at the same time, reduce IT costs has prompted more than 80% of all IT departments to consider SSDs. But those planning an SSD deployment face a variety of deployment choices. Viking Technology’s ArxCis-NV DIMM should be considered a critical component of this next generation architecture – write cache / buffer and metatdata needs to utlilize the fastest and most secure components – enter Viking’s ArxCis-NV.

Features & Benefits

ARXCIS-NVTM product specificati ons

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