ArxCis NVDIMM Key Features I.

Fastest storage tier, 11GB/S, DDR3 DIMM speed & bandwidth more than 300% faster than PCI-E (3.2GB/S)

1.4 million IOPS Read & Write, 3 times faster than PCI-E cards. (430K Write IOPS)

DRAM chips never wear out, no limit on number of writes

DIMM interface “talks” to CPU more directly

1000x better latency performance than PCI-E, 10 nanoseconds vs 10 microseconds

Complete solution with supercap, monitors supercap health

Performance Summary

SSD vendors talk about lOPS, TB,s, and “X” number of drive writes per day over a period of time(5 years). However,tangible

value can and well depend upon the workload(high l/O read + writes or writes once and read many). Consider

these values,metrics and data points :